Tutorial Activity Week 2

Before I explain further on the processes that I have done in making the advertisement, here I would like to tell that the actual advertisement is so much DIFFER with the one as shown below. For me, to produce an advertisement which looks exactly the same with the actual one does not require a lot of skills as it can just be a copy-and-paste process. So I came out with my own advertisement design, even though there are minor parts that I copied and pasted. Here...have a look...

These are the processes:

1. Firstly, I opened the Microsoft Word and start making the outside borders. Then, I made the title and emphasized it with Word Art, whereas for the other wording, I just did it with normal fonts. Next, I copied a picture and pasted it to the advertisement. Then, I copied two logos( Today newspaper and Warner Music Malaysia) from the internet and pasted them at the bottom of the advertisement. As for the last process, I filled aqua as well as purple colors to my advertisement.

2. I got the picture from a friend of mine, who lend me her USB flash drive. With her permission, I managed to copied her image to be included in this assignment.

3. The advertisement that I made is very simple. Basically, I did the formatting with Word Art and changing the picture with Jpeg, whilst the border line was designed with a 3D effect.

4. As a moderate user of computer, I usually type with only five fingers, that are two of the right hand and three of the left hand.

5. In order to come out with a proper command of English, I utilized the thesaurus to check my spelling and grammar. To enhance the graphic that I have designed, on the the other hand, I made use of the functions in Microsoft Word 2007, namely font color, shading, design effect and text highlight color.

6. Since the advertisement is very simple, I did not get any help from my friends, which means to say that I did it on my own. Nevertheless, I did asked my mates to observe it and comment on some parts that need to be improved.

7. As I mentioned earlier, I am a moderate user of computer. Therefore, I am not really good in typing, what more to say in designing. But if I were to rate myself, I would say 5 over 10 is equivilant with my typing and designing skills.


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