Tutorial Activity Week 3

E-mail analyzation... :-) Starting this week, we were supposed to have at least 10 e-mails to be analyzed before the dateline that will be on February 14. The criteria that need to be analyzed are as follow:

a) Salutation
b) Smiley and emoticons
c) Short forms
d) Code switching
e) Trailing dotes
f) Capitalization and repeated use of letters
g) Hypertext, pictures and templates used
h) Grammatical aspects

Since we were asked to analyze ONLY neutral e-mail communication, I have difficulty in collecting those e-mails as they were deleted from my inbox quite a long time. So starting this week, I have to ask a lot of my friends to send their e-mails to me, regardless any topics that they want to write. So far, up to now I have six e-mails with me and hopefully I will get more e-mails next time..


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